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After moving to a new city and receiving rejections from several ballet companies’, burnt-out dancer Sylvia returns to their old school, where they must explore their past in order to decide what to do with their future. Will they keep fighting to dance or leave it all behind in pursuit of some kind of freedom?

Written and Directed by Megan McRitchie. 

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Jude, a neurodivergent creative twenty-something desperately needs a job. If only she wasn’t followed around everywhere by a giant sentient teddy bear…

Written and Directed by Kate Hammer. Produced by Isabella Bassett

By Now

A woman having dreams of a figure from the past finds the bravery to face up the the difficulties of her life in the present... and do something about it.

Directed by Nicola Docherty. Produced by Katrina Allen. Written by Sarah Grant.

Content Warning: Coercive Control.

Play Fight

A couple's competitive game of war take a turn from the playful to the very serious.

Written and Directed by Katrina Allen.


Night of the Living Dread

When a power cut ruins Ruby's bedtime routine, she finds herself haunted by some unwanted guests. The only way for Ruby to get a peaceful night of sleep is to confront her visitors.

Directed by Ida Melun. Written by Hannah Kelso and Laura Jayne Tunbridge. Produced by Daniella Goff

Content warning: Themes of mental health and anxiety. Partial nudity. 

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In Edinburgh, a sixteen year old girl has a year long relationship with an older guy. The abuse of power send ripples of silent trauma echo throughout her journey into womanhood. She finds that there is a difference between the love you want and the love you need. 16 is a love letter to my Edinburgh and every young girl taken advantage of my someone who was old enough to know better.

Written and directed by Rachel Flynn.

Content Warning: Coercive control and abuse. 

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Two Care workers from different backgrounds face the challenges of the private British care system and rebel in a way they can afford.

Written and Directed by Jagoda Took. Produced by Jess Kelly.

Content Warning: Neglect. Off screen violence.



Mandy is a plus size burlesque enthusiast who is nervously practicing for her first public performance with the help of her best friend and dance partner, Jenna. It's not until Jenna is in trouble that Mandy realizes she doesn't need the glittering stage and best friend at her side to take up space and perform in all her fat and sexy glory.

Written and Directed by Sarah Grant. Produced by Misha McCullagh.

Content Warning: Coercive control. Fatphobia. Partial nudity. 

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