| Current Employment |

Film Producer - Edinburgh Napier University

Sarah is currently the sole person responsibly for all creation, from concept through to delivery, of video marketing content for web, social and advertising. 

Creative Director - Coven Productions

The umbrella term that Sarah uses for all her creative endeavours. Coven productions is dedicated to high quality storytelling that is honest, feminist and fearless, no matter the medium.

Co-Founder - One More Stone Productions

A UK wide filmmaking collective responsible for many award winning films created in under 48 Hours.

| Filmography |

Fat Girl Best Friend                           Writer/Director/Performer/Editor                     BBC The Social               Sarah Grant

Pitching                                            Writer/Director/Performer/Editor                     Coven Productions          Sarah Grant

The Magic Word                                Writer/Director/Animator/Editor                      Sarah Grant Creative       Sarah Grant

Naked Fear                                       Writer/Director/Performer/Editor                     BBC The Social               Sarah Grant

Chub Rub Problems                          Writer/Director/Performer/Editor                     BBC The Social               Sarah Grant

Girls                                                  Production Assistant                                      Leyla Josephine             Mikela Monsoon

Scare                                                Writer/Director/Performer/Editor                     Coven Productions         Sarah Grant

The Aviary                                         Writer/Director/Performer/Editor                     Coven Production          Sarah Grant

Volta                                                  Director of Photography/Editor                      One More Stone             Roger Best

Swings and Roundabouts                 Director/Co-Editor                                          One More Stone              Sarah Grant

Girl With The Irregular Beat               Producer/Director of Photography/Editor        One More Stone             Roger Best

Fran and the Moth                             Director of Photography                                 Auld Alliance Films         Malcolm Rumbles

Faux Pas                                           Director/Co-Editor                                          One More Stone             Sarah Grant

Born to Run                                       Director                                                         One More Stone              Sarah Grant

Without a Secret                                Producer                                                       One More Stone              David Devereux   

Miss Guided                                     Director/Co-Editor                                          One More Stone              Sarah Grant

Escape                                             Producer                                                        One More Stone              Mark Wilson

Pigs                                                  Director/Cinematographer/Editor                    The Weedy Clan             Sarah Grant

Last Day                                           Writer/Director/Editor                                      Sarah Grant Creative      Sarah Grant

The Cyclist                                       Writer/Director/Editor                                      Sarah Grant Creative       Sarah Grant

© 2015 by SARAH GRANT

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