Sarah's filmmaking journey started in 2014 with the Dream to Screen competition hosted by Cineworld Cinemas. She was working as a waitress when she made her first film, 'The Cyclist' which won the competition and was nominated for a BAFTA Scotland New Talent Award.

After that you couldn't get the camera out of Sarah's hand. She spent 4 years making films with collective One More Stone, a group from across the UK, honing her craft and engaging with her community. During this time she was awarded the Sky Academy Arts Scholarship allowing her to work creatively full time for a year. She is the only Scottish recipient of this UK wide award so far.

In 2019, fed up of long-running projects and wanting to burn some creative energy, Sarah put herself in front of the camera for the first time in 'The Aviary' and that changed everything. After no one shouted 'NO ONE WANTS TO SEE AND HEAR A FAT WORKING CLASS GLASWEGIAN, GET AFF THE INTERNET' (which she really did think would happen) Sarah made 'Scare' for the 48 Hour Film Project. The film won the competition and has been a hit in both national and international film festivals, it is now BAFTA qualifying. With this, Coven Productions was founded and Sarah promised to only tell stories that were honest, feminist and fearless.  

'Scare' got the attention of BBC The Social, and she has since made many several comedy shorts and hopes to make more in the future. 

On top of being a filmmaker and performer, Sarah is a lively spoken word artist. Her one woman show, 'Spark', a show about womanhood and witches, debuted at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Nov 19. She is also a national slam finalist for her poetry. 

Sarah is a Glasgow born and bred artists and currently lived with her noise-making fiancé (she can't hold it against him, he's a sound designer, it's kind of his job) in the west end. She enjoys reading, painting and eating copious amounts of mashed potatoes.

© 2015 by SARAH GRANT

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